Mar 28

Voter Registration at Auburn’s Save Mart April 18 and 19

Your Vote CountsAADC members will be registering citizens to vote in front of Auburn’s Save Mart, 386 Elm Avenue, Auburn on Saturday April 18, from 8 am to 6 pm and Sunday, April 19, from 10 am to 4 pm.  Any citizen needing to register to vote can do so during this weekend event.  AADC members who want to volunteer for a 2 hour shift on Saturday or Sunday should contact Paul Comiskey at or (916) 663-9090 to sign up for a shift.

Mar 17

Conservation AND Power Production – by AADC member Kermit Carraway

I was very interested in the recent talk on global warming and methods to combat it. There is no disputing that Americans need to practice conservation, given that we use about some 20% of resources with only 5% of the population. However, conservation cannot solve the global warming problem. On a recent trip to China we were told that the ambition of middle class Chinese is to live an American life style, including an automobile. We heard a similar line in Vietnam on a later trip. One has to believe that Indians, Bangladeshis, Indonesians and others feel similarly. There are about 10 Asians for every American; for every nickel Americans save in energy, the Asians will eventually burn a dollar. And the African population is predicted to double or more in this century. Where do you get the energy to accommodate these populations?

Engineers who are smarter than I have shown that the sunlight impinging on a small fraction of the Sahara Desert is sufficient for all of the energy needs of everyone in the world. The key is to be able to capture, store and distribute that solar energy or other types of renewables (e.g. wind, tidal). Americans should be leading that effort. In fact, we had a start in the 1970s when the Carter administration set up a renewable energy research institute(s) in Colorado to investigate these issues. Unfortunately, the Reagan administration largely shut down this effort at the behest of their corporate masters, particularly the oil and coal industries.

The first issue is generation. I produce about 80% of our electricity needs with a solar panel, but that is not feasible in much of the world, which has less sunlight. However, a 2-3-fold increase in collection efficiency should be feasible in the next 2 decades and make solar more practical for everyone. Wind power is currently dominated by wind farms using these monstrous windmill towers visible on some California hills. But there are much smaller and more efficient collectors available; they are simply not economical at present. That is a question of scale; powerful computers became incredibly cheap when kids started using them for gaming.

The second issue is storage. With a 3-fold more efficient battery (an updated version of the one in my Ford Hybrid) I could store the sunlight energy collected and eliminate the “dark cycle” problem. Moreover, that battery would power an electric vehicle with a 300 mile range to replace the hybrid. I could then use sunlight-powered energy for all of my needs except air travel (until there is an electric airplane engine).

The final issue is transmission. As much as half of electric power produced is lost in transmission from power plant to user. There are methods to reduce this loss, but they are incredibly expensive (e.g. liquid nitrogen cooling of transmission cables). I would like to put PG&E (as well as the oil and coal companies) out of business by localizing power production and distribution. Not everyone has the ability to produce electricity at their homes, but certainly most communities could do this. What is lacking is the political will and muscle. Fortunately, the State of New York has just passed legislation to encourage this effort. An article in Mother Jones describes their attempt; I have posted it on my Facebook page. It is only a beginning, but combatting global warming is a critical issue that we cannot leave to the politicians and power producers.

Kermit Carraway

Feb 08

The Roosevelt-Kennedy Dinner Friday April 17th in Lincoln

PCDPlogoThe annual Roosevelt-Kennedy Dinner, sponsored by the Placer County Democratic Party, will be held Friday, April 17th, 2015 at the Orchard Creek Lodge Ballroom, 965 Orchard Creek Lane, Lincoln, California 95648.  The honorable Bill Camp, Executive Secretary for the Sacramento Central Labor Council, will be the keynote speaker at the dinner.  For more information go to or e-mail  $60 per person.

Jan 31

Nevada-Placer Brady Chapter Update

2015 Brady Chapter Meetings. Our next Nevada-Placer Brady Chapter meeting is on Wednesday, June 24th in Auburn. The meeting begins at 7 pm.
The following meeting dates have been set for 2015. Mark your calendar and join us!

June 24 (Wed.) Auburn
July 22 (Wed.) Nevada City
Oct. 28 (Wed.) Auburn
Dec. 9 (Wed.) Nevada City

All meetings start at 7 pm.
Auburn meetings are at the Auburn Library (350 Nevada Street, Auburn)
Nevada City meetings are at the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools Office (112 Nevada City Hwy, Nevada City)

1. 2014 State Scorecard
2. 2015 Chapter Dues/Donations

1. 2014 State Scorecard: With a score of 76, California continues to have the strongest state gun laws in the nation. Our state is leading the way with new policies, such as the Gun Violence Restraining Order law, which we passed last year with your help The Brady Campaign has a new parody website which explains the 2014 State Scorecard:

Once a year, I send out a request for dues or donations. Please consider joining or renewing your membership in the Nevada-Placer Brady Campaign Chapter by paying your 2015 dues. The dues fund chapter expenses (such as the cost for our booth at the county fair, printed materials and brochures) and support our presence in the Capitol. The dues do not get sent to Washington D.C.; they stay with our chapters in California. Please send in your dues today:
Nevada-Placer Chapter 2015 Dues: $10 individual or $15 family.

Send a check (made out to Brady Campaign Chapter) to:

Brady Campaign Chapter
P.O. Box 892
Rough & Ready, CA 95975

Donations are also very much welcomed!  (Dues and donations to the Brady Campaign Chapter are not tax deductible.)

Amanda Wilcox
Nevada-Placer Chapter
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Jan 23

April 2nd Next AADC Meeting

pic_NesbittOur next meeting is Thursday, April 2nd at 7 pm. We meet at the Placer County Library, 350 Nevada Street, Auburn (Beecher Room). Doors open at 6:45 pm. JOIN US!  From 7-8 pm our speaker will be Mayor Keith Nesbitt speaking on “Auburn’s Future”. Then from 8-9 pm we will hold a business meeting of the Auburn Area Democratic Club members where we will take nominations for AADC Officers for the 2015-2016 year beginning in July.